Online TV and Video Revenues to Increase Tenfold to $6.3 billion

Online TV and video services will generate revenues of $6.3 billion in 2012, almost ten times the 2006 figure, according to  Informa Telecoms & Media research. 
Top 5 Online TV & Video Countries by Revenues ($ million)
2006 2009 2012
US 538 2,010 3,941
UK 42 364 708
Japan 24 155 510
Germany 9 77 254
France 10 68 238
Source: Informa Telecoms & Media

Advertising will consistently outperform a la carte and subscription-based services in terms of revenue generation and North America will be the largest revenue-generating region, accounting for 65% of the 2012 global total, according to informa.

Informa's Online TV and Video: Beyond User-Generated Content report, published today, has found that the trend towards online TV and video is symptomatic of wider cultural changes. A new 'breed' of consumers has emerged who find it difficult to align themselves with the passive model of traditional linear TV.

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