U.S. Copyright Industries Accounted for $1.38 trillion or 11.12% of GDP in 2005

The U.S. copyright industries continue to lead the U.S. economy in their contributions to job growth, gross domestic product (GDP), and foreign sales/exports, accounting for 11.12% of GDP and 4.03% of U.S. workers, with a 40% premium in wages over the average worker, according to a  study by the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) 

Major Highlights:

  • The U.S. “core” copyright industries accounted for an estimated $819.06 billion or 6.56% of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2005.

  • The U.S. “total” copyright industries accounted for an estimated $1.38 trillion or 11.12 % of GDP in 2005.

  • The “core” copyright industries were responsible for 12.96% of the growth achieved in 2005 for the U.S. economy as a whole. 

  • The growth contributed by these core industries (12.96%) was almost double their current dollar share of GDP (6.56%).

Employment and Wages

  • The “core” copyright industries employed 5.38 million workers in 2005 (4.03% of U.S. workers)

  • The “total” copyright industries employed 11.3 million workers in 2005 (8.49%)

  • The estimated average annual compensation for a worker in the core copyright industries was  $69,839 in 2005, representing 40% premium over the compensation paid the average U.S. worker.

In 2005, estimated foreign sales and exports of the core copyright industries increased to at least $110.8 billion. 

Copyright Industries in the U.S. Economy: The 2006 Report, (covering data through 2005) written by Stephen Siwek of Economists Incorporated, was completed for the IIPA and updates ten previous studies detailing the economic impact and contributions of U.S. copyright industries – including theatrical films, TV programs, home video, DVDs, business software, entertainment software, books, music and sound recordings – on the U.S. economy. 

Full version of The 2006 Report is available at IIPA’s web site: www.iipa.com

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