Carlyle Sees $300 billion Assets Under Management by 2012

Carlyle, the private equity powerhouse with 48 funds and owning 200 companies around the world, is the topic of cover story in the latest BusinessWeek magazine. The article highlights how the once-secretive PE firm is remaking its image and changing the buyout game. Here are some key numbers and facts on Carlyle:

By the end of this year it expects to have an unprecedented $85 billion in investor commitments under management, up sixfold from 2001 and more than any other firm expects. 

The firm expects the total assets under management to surge to as much as $300 billion by 2012. 

Carlyle plans to raise a record $34 billion in 2007, which could translate into more than $200 billion in purchasing power, thanks to the surging debt markets.

Since its founding in 1987 it has generated annualized after-fee returns of 26%, compared with the industry average in the mid-teens.

Since its founding in 1987, the firm has invested $24 billion in 576 transactions.

It owns nearly 200 companies that generate a combined $68 billion in revenue and employ 200,000 people. 

Last year it bought a new company approximately once every three days and sold one almost once a week.

The firm has more than 390 investment professionals operating out of offices in 16 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Carlyle’s team of investment professionals includes 160 M.B.A.s, 28 J.D.s and 12 Ph.D./M.D.s from many of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Carlyle estimates that at any one time it has headhunters conducting 10 to 15 searches for high-level talent. 

Read BusinessWeek cover story Carlyle Changes Its Stripes on the firm's transformation Carlyle's  website for additional details.

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