Over 84 million American Mobile Subscribers Can be Reached by Mobile Marketing

With an estimated 207 million mobile phone subscribers in the U.S., text message continues to be the most widely used mobile application and is potentially the most powerful tool in mobile marketing. Mark Beccue sizes up the market for mobile marketing in terms of the actual number of consumers you can reach with various mobile data applications. 

Based on Beccue's analysis, the addressable market of consumers for mobile marketing applications looks something like this: 

  • Text Messaging: 84.8 million subscribers

  • Mobile Internet (sans email): 34.6 million subscribers

  • MMS (primarily person to person picture messaging): 26.9 million subscribers

Bottom line: Marketers need to educate themselves about text applications and vendors out there that can help them tap into the 84.8 million and growing Americans predisposed to text messaging.

Full artile at MMA Global: Creative Text Messaging Campaigns Key to Mobile Marketing (Mark Beccue Consulting)


Mark Beccue is an independent business development & strategy consultant  http://www.markbeccue.com

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