Helio Set to Reach 100,000 Subscribers and $100 million Revenue Rate  

Helio, a virtual cell company and a joint venture between EarthLink and Korea's SK Telecom, reports that its youth-oriented cell phone service will reach 100,000 subscribers in early Q2 and that it is now generating monthly revenue at a rate exceeding $100 million per year, with  ARPU of over $100 per month, substantially above the industry average..

The company finished 2006 with about 70,000 customers. The company also said its average revenue per user has remained in the $100 per month range. 

Helio has just launched a music store, Helio Music, offering wireless downloads for $1.99 per song. Earlier Helio has introduced several other 3G services, such as MySpace Mobile, GPS-enabled Google Maps service for mobile, Buddy Beacon and "Gifting & Begging", allowing friends to share all of Helio's downloadable content. Helio also recently rolled out AnswerRings, allowing Helio members to personalize the audio heard when people call them. 

Helio Key Operational Metrics: 

  • An estimated 25% or approximately $25 of ARPU from data services; over 3 times and nearly 2 times industry averages, respectively.
  • MySpace Mobile is used by over 70% of Helio members
  • WAP penetration is over 85%
  • Over 80% of members with a Helio Drift have downloaded GPS-enabled Google Maps™ for mobile
  • Approximately 70% of Helio Drift members have downloaded Buddy Beacon
  • Members generated over 400 SMS per month on average, nearly seven times the industry average.

Helio, a  "virtual" cell companies that don't actually own wireless networks, uses Sprint Nextel Corp.'s network. 

Amp'd, another virtual operator, had about 100,000 subscribers at the end of 2006. The company, backed by Qualcomm and Viacom, also reported average revenue per user at "well over" $100 per month, with about $30 of that being generated by a non-voice, multimedia content.


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Helio Reports Subscribers for 1st Time - AP

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