The Best of Latest Benchmarking Metrics from Hackett Group

The Hackett Group is a global strategic advisory firm that provides advisory programs supporting benchmarking and business transformation services for executives across the Global 2000. here are some the latest insights from Hackett:

World-Class HR Organizations: Spend 13% Less; Operate with 15% Fewer Staff

World-class companies now spend $1,614 per employee on HR, 13% less than typical companies, which spend $1,864, according to 2006 Enterprise Book of Numbers research from The Hackett Group. 

World-class HR organizations also operate with 15% fewer staff, with 11.5 FTEs per 1000 employees versus 13.5 for typical companies.

World-Class IT Organizations Spend 7%; Generate Strong ROI in Other SG&A Areas

World-class information technology (IT) organizations spend 7% more than typical companies, according to 2006 Enterprise Book of Numbers™ research from The Hackett Group. Hackett's research found that world-class IT organizations now spend $9,024 per end user while typical companies spend 7% less, or $8,485. World-class IT organizations are also investing 17% more on technology-enabled solutions than typical companies.

Top Performers Spend 45% Less and Operate With 56% Fewer Staff

World-class finance organizations cut finance operations costs by 8% in 2006, following their 2004/2005 decrease of 5%. World-class finance organizations now see the cost of finance at 0.67% of revenue, 45% lower than typical companies, where costs are now at 1.22% of revenue.

1,000 of the biggest U.S. companies freed up $72 billion through improved efficiency


Last year, 1,000 of the biggest U.S. companies freed up about $72 billion through improvements in collecting bills, turning over inventory and stretching out the amount of time they take to pay their own suppliers, according to a survey by Hackett-REL, a unit of business-consulting firm Hackett Group that focuses on working-capital issues.

These companies reduced the amount of money they have tied up in working capital by an average 5.6% from 2004, according to the survey. Of the 82 industries surveyed, 45 improved their working-capital situation, while 35 worsened and the rest were unchanged from a similar survey in 2004.

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