Global Commercial Real Estate Investment Soars 33% to $645 billionĀ in 2006

Global investment volumes in commercial property rose by  33% last year to reach a record $645 billion, according to the 2007 Cushman & Wakefield International Investment Atlas report. Cushman & Wakefield's expects the market t0 surpass $680 billion in 2007. 

All regions saw a strong uplift in activity, with the real push coming from Europe and Asia, up 50% and 48% respectively.  With investment volumes of $249 billion, the US accounted for 39% of global activity down from 46% in 2005.  Europe increased its share from 41% to 46%  ($295 billion) and Asia from 13% to 15% ($94 billion).

Cross-border capital continued to be the dominant force during 2006 and now represents 29% of the total global market up from 25% in 2005.  

Asia has seen activity from foreign buyers rise to 32% from 28% whilst US and Canada saw a more moderate increase of 13%.

Cushman & Wakefield's current global forecast for 2007 is $681 billion with European volumes expected to exceed $317 billion. 

Total investment in Europe in 2006 stood at $295 billion, with the region taking six of the places in the list of the top ten global investment markets.

Germany was the most dynamic market with deal volumes more than trebling in the year. Singapore saw volumes double whilst Japan and France saw volumes rise by more than 50%.

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