Record 182,000 New Products Flood Global CPG Shelves

In 2006 a record-breaking 182,000 new consumer packaged goods (CPG) products were introduced globally in stores, with key booming areas focusing on mind, body, and general good health, according to the Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD).

Almost 105,000 food and drink products were launched last year alone, around 300 for every day of the year. Coupled with more than 77,000 non-food product launches hitting the market last year, new launches overall experienced a 17% gain on 2005 launches. This more than doubled the growth in new CPG launches from 2004 to 2005.


  • Low-carb products continue to move out of grace with consumers, with the category posting only 500 global food introductions in 2006. This is less than half the level of launches achieved in the same category in 2005, and only 15% of the launches introduced during its peak in 2004.
  • Low/no trans-fat products are up by nearly 120%, more than doubling from 2005--due primarily to North American regulations (the region accounts for 80% of these food and drink claims). 
  • Gluten-free experienced an 86% jump in 2006 product launches, with strong growth in North America, Europe and Latin America. Companies are placing a stronger focus on allergen-free foods, which have seen greater growth into mainstream retailers.
  • Food and drink product launches with an ethical positioning nearly doubled last year, with ethical labeling appearing in more diverse product categories. 
  • Organic is also continuing to see major developments. In the non-food arena, products that are wholly or partly organic grew by about 30 percent. 

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