Lincoln Back as Greatest American President; Reagan and Clinton in Top 5: Gallup Poll

Polls of scholars and historians have consistently placed Lincoln among the top three presidents in US. Lincoln ranked first or tied for first in two 2003 Gallup Polls, but slipped into second place behind Ronald Reagan in 2005.  Abraham Lincoln is back at No. 1 according to the latest Gallup Poll this month. 

18% of Americans today name Lincoln as the greatest U.S. president, closely followed by Reagan (16%), John F. Kennedy (14%), Bill Clinton (13%) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (9%) for the top five greatest US Presidents. 

The top-rated presidents among Democrats are Clinton (25%) and Kennedy (20%). Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt tie for third among Democrats. 

Among Republicans, Reagan is No. 1, with a substantial 32% of all mentions. Lincoln ranks second with Republicans, followed by Kennedy, Washington, and George W. Bush.

While Lincoln ranks first overall, he does not rank first with the members of either political party. 

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