Global Electricity Bill for Computer Servers Jumps to $7.3 billion in 2005: Study

An AMD sponsored study by Jonathan Koomey of Stanford University found that in 2005 U.S. based data centers and their associated infrastructure consumed five million kW of energy, the equivalent of five 1,000 MW power plants.  

The study found that in 2005, total data center electricity consumption in the U.S., including servers, cooling and auxiliary equipment, was approximately 45 billion kWh, resulting in total utility bills amounting to $2.7 billion. the power consumption bill for the world was estimated $7.2 billion annually. 

The report concluding that over the last five years server energy use has doubled.

AMD calls for increased collaboration of stakeholders both within and outside the industry to step-up efforts to increase energy efficiency in order to reduce energy consumption and associated costs. 

The Green Grid, a tech-industry group, plans to address the increasing power consumption of server systems and the data centers that use them.

New generations of energy-efficient servers are now able to help provide IT departments with a path to reduce their energy consumption while still achieving the performance they require.

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