$1-a-year CEOs - Making it Up with Stock and Perks!

The heads of Apple, Capital One, DreamWorks and Google each collect a salary of just $1 a year, bucking the trend of digging for a bigger CEO pay packet - the $1 million a year the typical CEO can get, reports USA Today.  While some experts laud CEOs for making an important symbolic statement with their $1-a-year salaries, others take a more cynical view.

"Don't judge a book by its cover," says Ross Zimmerman, founder of Exequity, an executive compensation consulting firm. In general, he says, CEOs who take a symbolic salary of $1 get taken care of in other ways, such as stock options or other benefits. 

Apple's Steve Jobs: Gets only $1 in salary - but also gets a corporate jet for him and was granted 10 million shares of restricted stock in 2003 which now is worth almost $1 billion.

Google's Eric Schmidt. Schmidt received $550,000 in personal security protection and holds more than 10 million shares of Google stock. 

Capital One's Richard Fairbank. Got no salary and no bonus in 2006. He did get more than $37 million in stock and options that vested last year and owns more than 8 million shares. 

DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg made $1 in 2006, with $5.2 million worth of stock and options from recent years vested in 2006. As a DreamWorks founder, he owns millions of shares in the company.

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