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Venture Capital Fund Raising Deals

VC Funding for OnMeta, TravelGuru, iSkoot, NextHop, Syndero and more...

Next Big Thing: VC Deal Flow

BitTorrent (Online file-sharing company): $20 million
Travelguru (Indian online travel portal): $15 million
Horizon Wimba (online education software): $10 million
Syndero (online marketing company): $7 million
iSkoot (mobile internet solutions): $6.2 million
OpenSpan (application integration software): $8 million
OnMeta (entertainment search engine): $2 million
First Coverage (institutional investment sw): $5 million
NextHop Technologies (Networking software ): $4.8 million

VC Funding for Mind Candy, Danger, Dhruva, RipCode, YouSendIt and more...

Next Big Thing: VC Deal Flow

Dhruva Interactive (India- interactive gaming): $5 M
Mind Candy (London - gaming company): $10.86 million
OZ Communications (Canada- mobile messaging): $34 M
Danger (mobile communications s/w & services): $10.3 M
Where Are You Now (Travel & lifestyle social network):$11M
Bungee Labs (system for next-generation Web apps.): $7 M (China- wireless application protocol firm):$8M
RipCode (Internet video content technology): $7 M
YouSendIt (online file delivery solutions): $4.7 M
Skelta Software (India - BPM workflow software): $1.5 M

VC Funding for SeeSaw, A10, ClairMail, Pluck, Polar Rose, Qihoo and more...

Next Big Thing: VC Deal Flow

Mobile2win (China - mobile value-added services): $15 million
SeeSaw Networks (digital media company): $10 million
Technical Communities (Service Provider to IT firms): $25.5M
A10 Networks (enterprise IP-to-ID product) $9 million
Liquid Computing (high-performance computing): $27.7 million
HomeAway (vacation rentals website) $100 million
Qihoo (China - search solutions): $25 million
ClairMail (mobile customer interaction solutions): $12 million
QSecure (credit card authentication solutions): $10 million
Pluck (social media for online publishers): $7 million
Etology (online advertising marketplace): $4 million
Lifelock (identity-theft protection company): $6 million
Polar Rose (facial recognition search): $5.1 million

VC Funding for Brightcove, BlackArrow, Turn, Timberbridge, Scali and more...

Next Big Thing: VC Deal Flow

Brightcove (IP video company): $55 million
BlackArrow (video ad insertion solutions): $14.75 million
Ontela (mobile imaging technology): $4.5 million
Tejas Networks (India-optical networking): $20 million
Turn (online advertising network): $18 million
Talyst (automation solutions for pharmacies: $20 million
Timebridge (calendar-scheduling company): $6 million
Scali (clustering solutions for datacenters): $3.5 million
Dilithium Networks (broadband & wireless video sol) $16.77M
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VC Funding for, Netsize, SodaHead, Fanlib, Zvents and more...

Next Big Thing: VC Deal Flow (online news communities): $15 million
Alien Technology (RFID tagging company): $15 million
Access 360 Media (in-store entertainment network): $4.25 million
Netsize (France - mobile messaging and billing): Euro13.2 million
SodaHead (social networking startup): $4.25 million
BridgePort Networks (mobile VoIP network Sol.): $13 million
FanLib (user-generated entertainment content): $3 million
Powerset (natural language search engine): $12.5 million
World of Good (“fair trade” globally-sourced goods): $4 million
Bunchball (online multi-player gaming): $2 million
Zvents (local events search): $7 million
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VC Funding for MobiTV, Ugenie, QSecure, Nethra, PBWiki and more...

Next Big Thing: VC Deal Flow

MobiTV (mobile television and music services): $30 million
Nethra (chips process images on cellphones): $14.2 million
PBWiki (wiki hosting company): $350,000
NebuAd (online advertising solutions): $6.1 million
Ugenie (online shopping engine): $5 million
QSecure (credit card authentication tech.): $10 million
Mint Software (online personal finance mgmt.): $750,000
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VC Funding for KnowNow,, Scivantage and more...

VC Deal Flow

KnowNow (enterprise-class Web 2.0 solutions): $13 million
Scivantage (Web-based products for brokerage industry): $6.7 million (India - social media and local commerce site): $10 million
VFA (facilities capital planning and asset management): $3 million
iPolicy Networks (netowrk security company): $3 million
Spreadtrum Communications (wireless chipsets): $10 million
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VC Funding for Spot Runner, Monitor110,, eSnips, Top10 and more...

VC Deal Flow

Spot Runner (Internet ad agency for local businesses): $40 million
Ekahau (Wi-Fi-based real-time location systems): $12 million
TalkPlus (mobile voice services): $5.5 million
Rhythm NewMedia (mobile video ad insertion): $18 million
Go2 Directory Systems (mobile directories): $13 million
IntelliMat (Canada - digital floor displays): $5 million
Monitor110 (Internet monitoring service for institutional investors): $11 million
Thumbplay (online retailer of mobile ent. content): $10 million (private label ecommerce shopping): $10 million
Top10 Media (user-generated online communities): $3.5 million
eSnips (social content sharing site): $2 million
LifeLock (id theft prevention company): $5 million
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VC Funding for Telent, eBuddy, Jellyfish, MonoSphere and more...

VC Deal Flow

Talent Technology (HR technologies): Canadian $17 million (comparison shopping search engine): $5 million
eBuddy (Web-based messaging): €5 million
MonoSphere (software to manage storage capacity): $11 million
Sonopia (mobile content delivery): $9 million
Layer 7 Technologies (XML security & networking appliances): $8.9 million
Rec Room (specialty furnishings retailer): $6 million
SourceLabs (open-source software support): $7 million
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